What is Moodeet

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Moodeet is a clean, unique social network built on the power of the public, visual status update. Four pictures can now describe how you feel or what you think, without the need of any text

Follow the EVOLUTION of social networks!

Moodeet changes the rules of social networking as it is completely designed for smartphones. We understand your needs, we expand the capability of your device with new social features. And we never forget your social habits: you can still follow users, make new friends, like and comment on a status.

Moodeet is a new and fun way to stay connected with friends through your mobile device. Snap a picture, choose how you feel about it, tag friends you are with and see your network and your device change! Search friends based on mood or place. Share to Facebook, Twitter and invite your friends join your new world. Your mobile social network, as it should be.



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How it works

What can you do with Moodeet?

Friends in view

All your friends in one screen, with Moodeet you can know how people you follow feel in an overview. Do you prefer the casual homeline? Click on the top, right button and change between different views.

Search by mood

Every time you login, you can see your latest mood in the bottom. So you will know when you need to update your status!Then you can search for frindes with same mood!

Search by location

Here you can find all users moods on the map. So you will know the area's mood!


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