The car runs great, smooth, crisp and responsive. When I lay the hammer down the things growls and freakin moves out !

For me, FA53 is the only way to go for the mini!

Support from the bytetronik team on my whole project was unbelievable fast and good!

 FA53 proved beyond my expectations..

My mini was transformed by all means! Power, responsiveness, MPG raised and engine was running much smoother!

 I think no matter what kinds of mods you have they will be able to dial it in and unleash its full capability.

 Upgrading my previous tune with the FA53 Tuning Kit proved the best choice..

 I never imagined I would have my car tuned as much as I want and the way I want



ECU calibration through a complete list of maps available for each ECU offering best results for each vehicle supported.


Working with companies that develop performance parts we offer hardware and software Tuning solutions that work better providing even more power for your vehicle.


Coding is a service that we offer for a variety of vehicles enabling features and activating retrofitted equipment.

Choose your vehicle brand bellow to see the available Tuning solutions

  • Audi (Coming Soon)

    Audi (Coming Soon)

  • BMW (Coming Soon)

    BMW (Coming Soon)

  • Lamborghini (Coming Soon)

    Lamborghini (Coming Soon)

  • Porsche (Coming Soon)

    Porsche (Coming Soon)

  • Spyker (Coming Soon)

    Spyker (Coming Soon)

  • Volkswagen (Coming Soon)

    Volkswagen (Coming Soon)



What cars can you tune?

We have expanded our tuning capabilities this year and our tuning solution is not limited to only MINIs. We can offer custom flashes from AUDI, BMW (both M and non-M models), Porsche, Lambo & VW.

Do I need to send in my ECU?

Yes. With the newer models, the ECU are much more advanced thus you must send us your ECU so we can ‘unlock’ it for OBD Flashing. Once your ECU is unlocked, then you can use our FlashAccess Software to upload maps into your ECU using the V2 hardware module.

Should I insured my ECU when shipping?

Most definitely. You should use FedEx or UPS and insured each shipment to the full retail replacement value. Check with your local dealership for the value of your ECU(s).

What type of gas should I use in my car?

Always use the highest grade from Tier 1 suppliers. We prefer Shell, Sunoco, VP or 76 (91 Octane or above here in the USA). If 93 octane is available, then by all means, fill it up with Top Tier 93 Octane.

Other shops offer low-octane maps, do you guys offer them as well?

No we do not. If you want to use cheap gas, then stick to your OEM tune and enjoy the car. GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) = if you want to go fast, then put the highest grade of gasoline possible. Your engine will love you and so will your butt-dyno 😉

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